"Don’t think that you’ll lose him. You really need to just follow your heart. Don’t force yourself to not chase him, but don’t force yourself to either. you just need to do what feels right." Maggie 

Maggie: Great, Now we got our socks mixed up. I wonder whos socks are who’s LOL
New record~
Maggie’s birthday dinner <3
I was FaceTiming with her before this. I’m really truly grateful to have friends that care so much about me.I have the greatest friends in the world. <3 Happy national best friend day!
Me and Rochela over FaceTime last night
  • Rochela: *sleeping*
  • Me:
  • Rochela: bless you.
  • Me: what?
  • Rochela: Oh, I'm sorry I had a dream Matt sneezed.


Hung out with my B3STi34LYFE Rochela! &Mah daughter kitty today at mcdonalds.we duckfaced. and did the janky hand.